Sunday Service 10:30am | 880 Life Drive, Christiansburg, VA 24073  540-381-9766


Our facility is cooperatively owned and shared by the members of theBridge Church, Ignite Academy and CrossPointe Conference Center (ICFG).  The policy for management of this facility is intended to ensure orderly access by first, the church program of ministries; second, members of the church; third, regular attenders (those individuals we have a record of attending 2 – 4 times per month for at least 6 months); and finally, the broader Christian community and our local community. Facility use is permitted for events and gatherings that are ministry driven and set up via a ministry department.

When you use the building, two simple rules of thumb should guide you:

  • This building is a gift of God, and it represents the sacrificial giving of a lot of people.  Use it joyfully for His glory, but do your best to take care of it.
  • When you are done using the building, remember that others will follow who also want to use it to minister to people.  Leave it in great shape, like you would want to find it if you were coming in to do a ministry!


Facility usage must be coordinated with the church calendar and scheduled in advance with the Church Office by filling out a “Facility Use Request” form.  Non-wedding events will be considered for approval no sooner than two months prior to the event.