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Pastoral Care

Our vision for pastoral care is ultimately to help every single person feel cared for, valued, appreciated and not feel abandoned, especially during their greatest time of need during a hospitalization, nursing home care, hospice care and those home-bound. So often when people are facing difficult circumstances in their health or the health of their loved ones, especially unexpected circumstances, they can quickly feel forgotten. To them their world has stopped. Everyone is passing them by going on with their lives. Our heart is to reach out to them and remind them they are loved and are being prayed for. They matter, what they are going through matters. We want to offer a hand to hold while someone is in surgery and the family is scared. We want to be there to listen if they need to pour their heart out. We want to offer them prayer and reassurance that God is in control. We want to bring the patient a pair of cozy socks or some pretty flowers to brighten the room and sit with them a while. Even if we don’t know them, we’ve never met a stranger! Maybe we bring the family sitting in the waiting room something they might need, even if it’s small cash for vending machines, snacks, bottled water, a meal, or even a pillow for their head. We know what it’s like to sit in a hospital bed all alone for days with no visitors. We know what it’s like to watch a family member have a nervous breakdown and all they wanted was reassurance from someone that their life mattered. We know what it’s like for a family member to be in hospice care and it was only a matter of time for their passing and waiting that seemed like months that were only days. We know what it’s like to sit in ICU for 5 days straight not wanting to eat, not wanting to leave. Nothing else mattered but that loved one in that hospital bed. We want to be there to offer a prayer and a hug and remind them they are loved. Not saved? No problem! We can pray for that too!

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